Vocal global 

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Vocal Global is a musical Journey around the world from the
Caribbean to the Middle East consisting of vocals, ethnic beat
boxing with conscious lyrics in Hebrew, English and Creole.
Accompanied by piano, guitar and violin.

Their music is a melting pot of genres, combining influences from
both of their origins, travels and collaborations to create a unique
mélange of Afro-Latin, Mediterranean and jazz sounds.  
Vocal Global has played in many venues across London and
abroad including; Passing Clouds, The Forge, Green Note, RIch Mix,
Arcola Theatre, and The Ritzy (Brixton). For more info , click here
to visit Vocal Global's website

Grand union orchestra 


There is no musical organisation on the planet quite like the Grand Union Orchestra. For over 30 years, we have brought together glorious singers and stunning instrumentalists from all over the world to create spectacular live shows, combining music and theatre and reflecting vividly the society we live in today.

Grand Union Orchestra Website






Undzer Stetel Brent



Noga's final performance for her MA at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. This piece is a result of a year long practice based researched followed by a collaboration with the following artists:

Barry Davis (UK)

Yusuf Joe Legwabe (South Africa)

Shahd Abusalama (Gaza-Palestine)

The performance is a mix of music, drama and media with a strong political message . It revisits the song ‘Undzer Shtetl Brent’ with a new approach; exploring the song’s meaning with three distinctive collaborators from different backgrounds and conflict areas. It examines the concepts of fire, immense tragedy and the passive observers described in the song, looking at each collaborator’s, as well as my own, relationship to these concepts. This musical collaboration investigates the questions of how different individuals can interpret and identify with this song, considering the perspective of their own political and cultural backgrounds, and how these different backgrounds are present in their artistic voices.