Along side performing Noga shares her passion to music througheducation. She teaches singing in schools and privately, leads choirsand facilitates workshops in various community settings: workingwith people with learning disabilities, homeless people and refugees.Noga works regularly for Live Music Now and CREATE performingand leading workshops at SEN schools, hospitals and care homes forthe elderly. Noga is one of the facilitators at Music ActionInternational (former Musicians Without Borders) facilitatingsongwriting workshops for children and refugees.


Noga offers the following workshops:

- Singing workshops- working on vocal techniques, styles , singing in harmonies and improvisation -  

- Songwriting workshops- working on different approaches and starting points for songwriting -

- Songs from around the world workshops- learning songs and rhythm from around he world -

Noga offers private coaching in:

- Singing lessons- teaching vocal technique, styling, improvisation, harmonising, songwriting -

( in the style of: Jazz, Contemporary, Pop, Soul, and World Music )

It’s great working with Noga; wherever she goes she enthuses people and inspires them to make great music. She’s a real asset to Live Music Now
— Nina Swann, Director of Live Music Now, South East